I've had a lot of questions about containers and baggies for freezing and what kind do I use?

I use both containers and baggies.  It depends on what I'm freezing and if there are any containers available.

I've tried different types.  I've found not one kind is better than another.  I have store brand, Gladware, and Ziploc types.  Tupperware is nice, but I don't really have a lot of it.

At one time I had all types and sizes.  It was hard to find the lids and to stack because they were all different types and shapes and didn't all fit together.  I now just have ONE brand.  I settled on the Ziploc brand.

I have small and large round and square bowls.  Basically, there are two types of lids:  square and round.  If I have a small round bowl or a large round bowl, I know I will need a round lid, making it easy to find with only two choices.  They all stack nicely in the freezer.  They all go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher and back again.

Labeling is important when putting meals in the freezer.  I use masking tape on the lids and a Sharpie marker to label what's in each.  It's easy to take the tape off and toss when I've emptied the container, wash and use again.

As many containers as I have (and that's a lot), if I've made a lot of meals, that's when I look to baggies to store meals.

As far as baggies go, I really don't have a preference.  You can see our "baggie drawer" with lots of different brands.  I just buy what is on sale or the store brand.  I'm not picky.

I make sure to have several sizes on-hand:  gallon, quart, sandwich that ziplocs, sandwich that folds, and snack-size.  

One way to make food last longer in the freezer is to double bag them.  The most common method I use to do this is to put a meal-sized portion into a sandwich-size or snack-size baggie, then put all those portions into a gallon baggie, then in the freezer.
The above method works wonderful with the turkey burgers I make, bagging each one separately, or for muffins, or just about anything.

Labeling is still important with baggies.  I write directly on the bag with a Sharpie marker.  If I'm double bagging, like described above, then I will just label the outer, gallon bag.

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