Bread Machine


Until recently, I was under the assumption that if you had a bread machine, you had to use special flour and yeast and it was complicated.

I was wrong!  You can use regular flour and yeast.  In fact, you can even use your favorite bread recipe you bake in the oven.  Using a bread machine is very easy and takes the guesswork out of making bread.

My thrift store bread machine is the newest appliance and it's being used a lot.  Sweet breads, wheat breads, white bread, quick breads . . . you can make them all in the bread machine with little effort.

You put the ingredients in the machine, set it, and turn it on.  The machine mixes and times everything for you, including letting the bread rise and baking.  It even turns itself off when it's done baking--a big plus for me (or anyone) with my busy life.

I would recommend anyone get a bread machine and to get one from your local thrift store.  And if you're wondering how you will work it once you get it without instructions, I recommend this page from the Hillbilly Housewife that explains everything you need to know.
Since I've had the bread machine, I haven't bought a loaf of bread.  I've been able to control what is in my bread and have been making bread with whole grains and substituting applesauce for oils and such.  I feel good about the bread I'm eating and serving the toddlers.

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