Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leftover Mixup: Chicken Quesadillas


Here I am again, with a bit of boneless, skinless chicken breast leftover. Looking in my fridge, I have tortillas and cheese, too.

Spray the pan with cooking spray, put a tortilla down and turned the heat to medium.

Spread some shredded cheese on the tortilla, then shredded chicken. I sprinkled on some seasoning salt, then topped with the other tortilla and sprayed that one with cooking spray. Brown on both sides, and by that time, the chicken was heated through and cheese melted.

I cut into fourths with my kitchen scissors.

It was delicious!

If you have salsa, chopped onions, peppers, or whatever you like, you could toss those in as well. Leftover ground beef or turkey would be great.

Look for new ways to use up your leftovers :)

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