Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Leftover" Christmas Cards


Christmas is over and time to take down the Christmas cards. Do you save yours? I always save them, but not always sure what to do with them.

Sometimes I add them to our reading corner for the toddlers to 'read' during the Christmas season, I've made simple toddler puzzles out of them, and we've used them for other crafts over the years.

This year I cut parts of old cards and attached them to a print-out "card" I copied on the green paper. The other card is made by my sister-in-law who used a few images from other cards and a stamp to put together a beautiful scene. She printed a nice sentiment and attached all of it to a blank card. (I always look forward to her cards--thanks)

Another idea we have done in years past is to make "to/from" gift tags out of our old Christmas cards. This is a fun project. We used the blank backs of Christmas cards to attach little scenes we had cut from Christmas cards as the decoration. We made so many two years in a row, we are still using them 8-years later!! I still have plenty more, too.

So, as you take down your Christmas decor, consider stashing your cards somewhere where you will come across them later. Maybe over a long weekend or some time off you want to be creative you could make tags, cards, or toddler puzzles for next year?

If you can't stand to let go of the cards and want to read them year after year, then consider Containing Your Cards.

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