Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tuna & Orzo


Sometimes you just want to use up some things that have been hanging around your pantry.  Here's some items I've had for a while and feel they need to be used up . . .

peas & carrots
ranch dressing

I thought this would make a good toddler meal.  I cooked the half package of Orzo according to the package directions and drained.

In a bowl I mixed the orzo with half the small package of frozen peas and carrots, tuna, and enough ranch dressing to hold it all together.

It made two toddler meals for me to put in the freezer.

It feels good to use those ingredients that have been hanging around here for a while.  I've made something similar to this for the toddlers last year, Toddler Tuna Toss, and they loved it.

I don't think I'll heat this, it can be served cold.  I'll just defrost and serve.


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