Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caffeine Free!


I did it!  I weaned myself off soda!  I have been caffeine soda-dependent for many years.

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to give up soda, well at least caffeine.  After drinking almost all soda for years and years, my biggest problem was finding something else to drink.  Water does not sit well with me.  I wanted something natural, no tea, I don't drink coffee, and I didn't want to switch to caffeine-free soda--that's just more soda.

I came across Supermom's Simple Guide to Healthier Eating for Beginners and Beyond! (you can get the free eBook if you sign up for the newsletter at the link).  In it, she describes how she makes Healthy Lemonade for her family.  This sounded good to me.  She squeezes two lemons into a 2-quart container and fills the rest with water.  She does add Liquid Stevia, but I didn't have any on-hand and I like just the lemon water.

I had tried to go off soda cold-turkey in the past, but the pain was too great.  So I came up with a plan to wean myself off soda; cut from 4 or 5 cans of soda each day down to two cans each day--one with lunch and one with dinner.  I did that for one week.  

The first day, Sunday, was easy, but Monday was very difficult!  When the pressures of work started in, I started craving soda.  I didn't give in and stuck to my plan.  Every day after Monday got easier and easier.  By my second can on Friday, I was wishing for my lemon water instead, lol.

The next week, I cut to just one soda each day at lunch.  I didn't really miss the second one.  It got hard when I got a head-cold on Wednesday and all I could think about was junk food, including soda.  I didn't give in, and stuck to just my one soda at lunch time.

Yesterday, I went completely caffeine free!  I haven't missed it.  I did it!

What makes it a little easier is pre-juicing the two lemons.  I do juice several on the weekends, put in a small container and in the freezer.  I can take one out (defrost in the fridge for a few hours), pour in my two quart container, add water, and it's ready.

I also treated myself to Polka Dot Monogram Acrylic Cup with Clear Straw.  I love a fun cup!

One other important detail that helped me stay on track was I announced my goal and posted updates on Facebook. It kept me accountable.  There were a few moments I may have given up, but I didn't want to disappoint those who were following me, so it kept me focused.



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