Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rotating Menus


It's been a year and a half since I first set up Rotating Menus.  I have tweaked it a bit, now using 4 weeks of menus instead of 3.  I still love having a menu plan I can build meals off of.  Here's a sample week:

I used this Meal Chart Generator to make these charts.

In the sample, you can see how my meals are planned, sort of.  For example, on Tuesday, I've planned cereal for morning snack.  I will serve whatever cereal I have on-hand, sometimes it's Life or sometimes it's Cheerios.  All snacks are served with water.

For Lunch on Tuesday, I have "Meal Muffin", this can be any one of the muffins I make and keep in the freezer:  pizza muffin, cheeseburger muffins, taco cups, etc.  It will depend on what I served last time, the children who are present, what I have most of, and my mood.  After I choose the muffin for the day, I will choose a vegetable and fruit to go with it, and add milk.

For the afternoon snack (it's labeled "Dinner", but I put a "Snack" label over it on my paper copy) I have round crackers.  Generally, these are generic "wheat Ritz" or any other round cracker I have on-hand and I serve with water.

Every Friday, I have "Pamm's Choice".  This gives me flexibility to use up leftovers or plan a picnic style meal.  So there's a plan, but not really--I wing it on Fridays.

One of the things I noticed from the first set of menus I made, it seemed like I had like items on the same day of the week.  Example:  every Monday I had some sort of hot dog meal and every Thursday I had some sort of breakfast meal.  In the meantime, I noticed the little ones who were part-time ended up having the same two meal-items every week.  So, when I planned the new meals, I mixed up the types of meals, having breakfast-type meals on different days of each week.

I really like having a start-off point for each meal and snack everyday.



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