Thursday, August 13, 2009

More, Please! (Pamm's Brown Bag Burritos Toddler Verdict)


Today was the first day I served Pamm's Brown Bag Burritos to the toddlers.

This morning, first thing, I grabbed two burritos straight out of the freezer and put them in my mini crock pot on high. They were 'frozen together' so about an hour into it, I separated them and rearranged them in the crock pot. At lunchtime, I pulled them out and they were defrosted and heated through and to my surprise the tortillas had a slight crispiness. They were in the crock pot for almost three hours.

So, at lunchtime I used my pizza cutter to cut them into toddler-sized pieces. I was delighted at how little mess they made (the picture looks messier than it was). They held together quite well. Each burrito piece was like a toddler-sized burrito.

I put them on the toddler plates and served them with frozen mixed veggies and banana slices.

The banana slices are always the first to be eaten--I didn't get my camera ready quick enough to capture that. And when I say "frozen veggies" I mean I served the frozen. My little guys gobble them up as a summer treat and they are great for teething!!!

Anyway, I was very pleased at how the burritos held together even when they were cut into toddler pieces. There was little mess to it all with a normal amount of wiping faces and hands (I was preparing for the worst). All the toddlers ate it and when I looked at them most were saying "more, please" in sign language so I knew they loved it.

It's definitely a hit and will be served often.


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