Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy Split Peas


I had some dry green split peas.  Wanting to keep things simple, I decided to cook them in our Multi Cooker.

I put the two cups of dried peas, a can of chicken broth with enough water to make 5 cups liquid, a dash of lemon juice, and dashes of salt and pepper.

Following the instructions in the Bistro cookbook, I put it on the steam setting as described, then let it stay on warm for the allotted time.

They came out cooked and just right!  I got 4 toddler-sized portions and 1 husband-sized portion.

I put them in the freezer for the toddlers and will re-heat on the day I serve them.

If I didn't use the Multi-Cooker, I would have soaked them overnight, then mixed all that up in my slow cooker and cooked them on low all day.



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