Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BBQ Hot Dogs


The BBQ grill is going and I have a great guy willing to put anything on it! I quickly get out my stash of hot dogs. Who could pass this up? I mean everything tastes better with grill marks, right?

He grills everything I have (he spoils me!). I put it all in 2 Ziploc baggies with one headed to the freezer and the other to the fridge, and the last hot dog on my plate--Yum!

A great way to reheat hot dogs (even non-grilled ones) is in my mini crock pot. About an hour or so before lunch, I toss it in with a teaspoon of water and tun it on.

By mealtime, it comes out perfectly roasted and the grilling makes it extra yummy! It's good on a bun or not.

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