Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day In The Life . . .


. . .of my crock pots :)

8:00am -- I pull lunch out of the freezer and put in the crock pots for lunchtime.

Today in the blue one, is my lunch, Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.  Next is the toddler lunch of frozen broccoli and then Tuna and Orzo.  I put the lids on them and they sit until lunch time.

11:00am--I start plating the toddler's lunches.  I added banana to complete the meal.

11:45am-- The toddlers have eaten and are down for their nap.  It's my turn for lunch.  I am having a broccoli slaw salad with my meatloaf muffins.

2pm--Time to put something on for my dinner.  In a 4th crock pot, I put applesauce brats on for dinner, turned it on high for an hour, then turned it down to low.

6pm--Toddlers home with their families, and time for my dinner.  I sit and eat and rest a minute.

6:30pm--Time for dishes.  I load my dishwasher with the day's crock pots and other dishes.  I set it to run as I sleep later tonight.

It will start all over again tomorrow........


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