Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa Came Early.....


This is the photo of the crock pot cereal mix I took last week with our Samsung Digimax S600. I tried a few times to get a better shot, but that was the best photo, and the one that got published.

This is the photo I took today of the same tub with the same cereal mix with the present Santa brought last night: Canon Power Shot SX120. With just one try, I could tell a huge difference! So clear and easy to photograph.

I didn't know how hard upgrading a camera could be. There are so many options and so many things to consider: brand, mega pixels, optical zoom, what type of battery power it uses, time between photos, portability, screen size, price, and so much more!

Since I mostly take photos of toddlers, the delay from when you push the button and the photo actually takes was one of the important features I looked for. Although this camera is not rated as really speedy, it's a lot faster than the old Samsung.

We spent quite a long time looking at cameras online and reading reviews and comparing features and prices. Finally, we took a trip out to our Super Wal*Mart. (I say it like that because they moved ours eight-miles out of town!) It really helped to hold the actual cameras in our hands and look at the physical cameras. They even had them where you could take photos and get an idea of how long the "camera-lag" actually is. Also helpful was holding each model in your hand. Some of the really small ones (about the size of a fat credit card) seem like they could be dropped easily.

So, after looking them all over, the Canon Power Shot SX120 was the winner because it was more than a point-n-shoot camera, but is very easy to use, a good name brand, and seemed like the right fit. (Oh, and it was on roll-back, too).

Since I don't have toddlers until Monday, I've been taking photos of our pets. (I think they're getting tired of the "flashy thing" going off, lol).

I'm impressed with the details of the photos, even very close or with pets who won't sit still. I've never been able to get a decent shot of our fish, Flipper, before this camera. Our Chihuahua-mix, Carlos is often hard to get a good close-up of, but not any more, likewise, our cat doesn't like to pose. The last photo is my new favorite shot of our Beagle, Tillie, who gladly poses for lots of photos.

Now you can look forward to much better photos of the food I make here on LOP. Thanks, Santa!

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Heidi November 21, 2009 at 9:44 PM

Thanks for sharing. I love the writing/cooking part of blogging but the photography escapes me. I have a goal to improve in that area for 2010 and a new camera might really help.

Pamm November 21, 2009 at 9:49 PM

Heidi--Yes, my thoughts are the same (writing and cooking I have down, but my photos were not great). I was so happy when I took only one photo of that cereal mix today and it was very clear and good enough to be published. I can't wait to do some more cooking/blogging!

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