Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keeping Track of What's In Your Freezer


As you know, I keep my freezer stocked with meals and snacks to feed toddlers, doggies, and me.  I typically invest a few hours each weekend preparing meals to serve later.

After investing my time and ingredients, I don't want all the meals to get "lost" in the bottom of the freezer.

It's important to label everything.  After a few meals are in your freezer, everything will start looking the same, so I need to be able to identify a package of something at a glance.

Above is a picture of our "baggie drawer".  You can see the roll of masking tape and Sharpie pen.  I make sure I label by writing directly on the baggies or use the masking tape to label containers.

The next step I don't do all the time, but when I keep up with it, I can tell exactly what I have in the freezer without even opening it.

I have printed (the older version) of this Freezer Inventory.  I list how many of what is in the freezer, then mark-off when I use something.  I have two, one for my meals and one for toddler meals.



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