Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spice Organization


The dreaded, unorganized spice cabinet:

If only there was a way to organize it better.  I gave this lots and lots of thought.  I searched for spice bottles and found lots of them.  The most readily available ones had a cheap, plastic lid that I know I would have broken very quickly.  I then found some plain ones that I really liked, but I could only find three of them.

After literally months of contemplating and researching spice organization, I finally came across mini mason jars used for spices.  And when I went to the grocery store and decided to look at their mason jars, I found these Dry Herb Jars:

I bought all they had!  I also picked up some plastic lids for the jars I had began to collect from the thrift stores.  After cleaning all the jars and lids, I was ready to transfer all my spices to their new containers.  I'm very happy with the results!

Notice the little jar of spoons in the bottom left corner of the photo above?  I will use those little spoons to spoon out the spices or I will pour a little into my hand before I put them in whatever I am cooking up.

I found some larger jars for baking soda, baking powder, salt and garlic salt:

I don't normally have so much garlic salt, but I bought a large container of it, then mixed in a lot more garlic powder, so I ended up with a lot of it.

Where can you find mini mason jars?  I found them at almost every grocery store I went to and at the hardware store (who knew?)!  And, of course, the thrift stores have jars of all sizes.

I feel so organized now!



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